Why Do People Enjoy Working at Delta Wye Electric?

We hire people from vastly diverse backgrounds, and roles at the company vary greatly. Yet ask any employee what he or she loves about working here, and you’ll get surprisingly similar answers.

  • Our employees say that they get to work with some of the nation’s largest providers of manufactured products to improve their operations—ultimately the product that you see on store shelves.
  • They work with smart, experienced people on small, cross-functional teams.
  • And, they know that their hard work helps us continue to grow as a company and better service our existing and future customers.

Let Your Hard Work Pay Off

Our people radiate a genuine enthusiasm for their work. They definitely put their hearts and souls into what they do, for they know customers are counting on them to innovate and keep our promises.

Working with smart people, on challenging projects, in an environment high on responsibility and low on politics, makes most people look forward to the workday. Add that the work we’re doing is many times improving the way individuals across the globe receive the end-product, and you begin to see that much of the root of our enthusiasm comes from our desire to do something better than it has been done before.


A stagnant business with limited opportunity for growth is not typically where you would find the industries most driven employees. At Delta Wye Electric we have several employees spending evenings in the classroom to learn new techniques, technologies, or simply how to do their job better—all of which are provided by the company. Opportunity does not stop with knowledge, we also recognize that an employee is going to want to move up in their level of responsibility in order to implement their own creative ideas; our management is not here to stifle that growth but rather nurture growth company wide.

The professionalism of everyone from the owner through the floor apprentice was consistent and ethical.
– Barry Wehmiller Design Group

We Believe We Are Measured By The Company We Keep