LED Dock Lighting

At Delta Wye Electric, we are continuously researching to find innovative, cost effective and energy efficient products.  With new advancements in Dock Lighting, there are many advantages to gain such as energy savings, reduced maintenance cost, and improved safety and productivity.  

Although there are many dock lighting products on the market, Delta Wye has found that Versa Light LED Dock Lights outperform the rest.   The unit, which incorporates state-of-the-art lighting technology, is engineered to deliver long-lasting performance in the most demanding dock applications.

Versa Light delivers maximum light output for full trailer illumination.  Not only does this improve safety, it can help improve productivity at the loading dock.  The patented design offers up to 85,000 hours in LED life.  This is 70% greater than other LED dock lights. LEDs do not have a filament and therefore, are better suited to withstand shock and vibration at your loading dock.

Additionally, Versa Light LEDs are protected by an aluminum heat sink, contributing to their durability. Unlike screw-in style LEDs or CFLs, the LED Versa Light head is securely fastened to the flex tube assembly. These features help reduce maintenance and repair costs. 

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In thermography, failing to plan means planning to fail


Delta Wye’s team of electrical experts can identify future electrical problems through the use of infrared cameras and help eliminate the need of future emergency calls.

The use of infrared red cameras in preventive and predictive maintenance is well established.  These cameras produce thermographic images and capture the temperature measurements that provide an early warning of potential equipment failures and unsafe working conditions.  As Ken Leonard and Robert Madding futher explains in a article, infrared surveys are particularly important for electrical equipment because it’s usually critical to an enterprise’s mission.  Click here to read entire article.

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Benefits of Maintenance Outsourcing

OutsourcingDelta Wye is here to handle all of your Electrical Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance and Electrical Engineering.

Plant Services. com has a great article on the advantages of outsourcing.

Maintenance outsourcing is a practical and cost effective solution for the maintenance and repair challenges today’s plant operator’s face.   A trend toward outsource maintenance and adopting asset management applications is helping operators make the improvements to keep plants up and running, and keep costs down.  Many managers are facing hiring freezes, cuts in training budgets and hard-to-find skilled labor pools.  Maintenance outsourcing enables budget flexibility, reduced capital expense and better control of operating costs.

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They have consistently proven themselves as a company we can depend on.
– Sares-Regis Group

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