Daylighting Solutions that yield Significant Savings and Results

Bring your energy bill down to zero for at least 10 hours a day by leveraging the sun’s power with Delta Wye Electric, Inc.’s daylighting solutions. By utilizing the latest technologies, such as the Apollo® Light Pipe, we provide safe, environmentally-friendly lighting and energy solutions to our customers. No matter the size of the project, we devise solutions that efficiently and effectively manage your power resources in the most creative and innovative ways possible.

Daylighting: Lighting Solutions that Pay for Themselves

Our daylighting solutions will drastically reduce your dependency for power on your public utility company. When energy prices go up during peak hours – you’re off the grid and off those high prices.

Our experts will assess your interior lighting needs and design a custom-tailored daylighting solution. One such solution is the Apollo® Light Pipe. Designed to harness sunlight through its dome, the Apollo® light pipe system efficiently distributes soothing light rays through its piping meeting your interior needs and bringing your energy costs down to zero for most daylight hours. When integrated with ambient light sensors and a facility’s lighting system, electrical lights will automatically shut off when illumination from the light pipe reaches a desired point.

If you’re a business that wishes to install efficiency lighting and equipment, you may qualify for special financial incentives available through your local utility supplier. Southern California Edison is just one company offering such incentives. Should your projects qualify, you may be able to receive up to 50% of your project’s total cost.

If you already employ daylighting solutions, such as skylights, our consultants can design an Energy Management System just for you.

Call Delta Wye Electric, Inc. to find out more on how we can help you better manage your energy resources.

Their professional expertise and ability to respond quick, accurate turnaround of our estimating and installing needs surpasses that of others we’ve used in the past.
– Orion Energy Systems

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