Bring Safety and Productivity to Your Work Area

Delta Wye Electric, Inc. recognizes the need for a safe and productive workplace. This is why we provide the latest technology in our dock lighting solutions. One such solution is the LED dock lighting system, which offers excellent illumination and flexibility to create a comfortable and safe environment.

LED Dock Lighting: Take Advantage of the Newest Technology

Do away with the old fashioned incandescent lighting systems that offer limited reliability and are easily damaged. When visibility is an utmost priority, the lighting systems we offer outperform your old lighting systems. The use of light emitting diodes (LED) makes the performance of our lighting solutions unparalleled. With twice the illuminating power of the old lighting technology, you are assured of a safer work area and more productive workforce.

LED dock lighting produces more light per watt than systems utilizing incandescent bulbs. This makes LED an ideal lighting option. In addition, LEDs are ideal for use in systems that have a relatively high on and off cycle. Furthermore, their solid state configuration can resist external shocks that often break incandescent bulbs. The system that we offer eliminates the tedious and often expensive bulb replacements and complete dock lighting installations. Save on cost and spend on more important aspects of your operations.

Add to this its remarkable safety features that are truly practical. The lighting systems that we use have flexible arms which resist breaking and snapping. They also come with low voltage circuitry that will protect your workforce from any sparks and shocks that is usually found in older dock lighting systems. These added protections are safety features that you can rely on. Moreover, it can be integrated into existing safety systems.

We want you to focus on your business and your workforce to focus on their tasks. With our dock lighting solutions there is one less thing for you to worry about. We have seen tremendous advancement in technology in the recent years. Take advantage of these advancements and turn onto a more productive and safer future.

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