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Equipment in good working condition is great news. Maximizing your equipments’ potential, while cutting down on costs, is even better. At Delta Wye Electric, Inc. we have Energy Efficient Solutions that will suit your situation as well as your budget. We provide equipment efficiency services like VFD installation, sub-metering, infrared testing and other services.

VFDs: Bringing Efficiency to All of Your Equipment

VFDs or Variable Frequency Drives are essential in preventing unnecessary expenses. Simply put, they are devices that control your equipment’s use of electricity in a more efficient manner. Good examples of its use are air compressors which are used to supply various types of facility equipment with compressed air. Air compressors rarely operate in unison, but typically are left on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; generally supplying far more than demanded by plant equipment. Without VFDs, air compressors simply run without restraint. By installing a variable frequency motor to the air compressor, there is greater energy savings. It will respond to meet only the system’s current demand by constantly adjusting the speed of the compressor. Thus, no excess power is wasted.

Realize savings not just with your air compressors, but with other equipment as well. The installation of VFDs can be done on conveyor motors, pumps and refrigeration systems, just to name a few. When you want your equipment to run efficiently, it is best to consult Delta Wye Electric, Inc. for the most appropriate VFD applications.

Sub-Metering: The Value of Sub-Metering

When it comes to bills, it’s best to pay only what you have consumed; however, it’s quite difficult to determine this when you have a large electrical system. Even with small errors, your costs can compound to large amounts over the years. Installing a sub-meter will help you verify your consumptions and save you money from unnecessary charges.

Moreover, managing the energy consumption of a specific process, production line or building is made easier with sub-meters. You can identify areas with high consumptions and make needed changes. You can easily identify problems with your equipment or system before things worsen. Any spike in consumption is a good indication to check your system and equipment. Likewise, it is an efficient way to monitor productivity and efficiency of your equipment and your business. It will be easier to identify sources of waste and perform the appropriate actions. With sub-meters installed, you can incorporate a more accurate cost strategy for your operations. Planning ahead using this data will make your business more profitable and your system more efficient.

For efficiency and monitoring solutions that will help your company reduce unnecessary spending while becoming more effective, contact Delta Wye Electric, Inc. and its experienced consultants. We have the expertise to help you maximize your energy efficiency potential.

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