Get into the Safety Habit with Infrared Testing Solutions

Infrared testing and surveying is a must to maintain reliability in your facility. It uses thermal images to detect equipment failures before they become a problem. In addition, it provides information on unsafe work areas and conditions so you can immediately take action. Don’t wait until you are faced with a problem that could have been easily prevented. When the safety of your personnel is at stake or when your operation may be compromised, take the appropriate action right now. At Delta Wye Electric, we provide you with the preventive and predictive maintenance solutions that will ultimately improve your bottom line as well as save you valuable time. It will also provide safe working conditions for your personnel and increase their productivity.

Infrared Testing: Take Advantage of its Benefits

By utilizing a camera that is sensitive to heat, infrared testing can detect hot spots in your electrical systems. This  proactive service is often overlooked, but can prevent potentially serious problems down the line. Its importance cannot be stressed enough.

A regular and well conducted infrared testing will easily identify and prevent equipment failures. You don’t need to worry about emergency repairs and the cost attached to it. Regular testing and surveys will improve the efficiency of your electrical and mechanical systems. It’s easier to plan and schedule repairs and maintenance once you have infrared testing data as part of your preventative maintenance. It will reduce your down time and thus increase your productivity. On top of all of these, the money you save through preventative measures often is negligible compared to the money you will pay in repair costs.

Infrared testing will save you time. You will be able to meet your goals without having to call emergency maintenance crews to fix your faulty equipment. A well managed system will enjoy ease in identifying and prioritizing areas that need maintenance. You can focus on important areas without wasting time, manpower and expense.

Most importantly, having regularly scheduled infrared testing will increase the safety of your workplace and ensure safety to you personnel. Avoid system failures and equipment malfunctions. You can easily identify areas that are prone to fires, overloads and other hazards that only thermal imaging can provide.

There are things that the naked eye can’t see. Allow us to shed light and paint a clearer picture of your current system. When it matters most, you can trust Delta Wye Electric to provide you with the solutions that you need. The safety of your personnel warrants more than mere second guessing. You can trust on our expertise to provide you with professional service.

To ensure your facility is reliable and providing a safe working environment, call Delta Wye Electric, Inc. today.

Their professional expertise and ability to respond quick, accurate turnaround of our estimating and installing needs surpasses that of others we’ve used in the past.
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