Nature’s Free Energy

At Delta Wye Electric, Inc. we take your needs for innovative solutions seriously and feel a great responsibility in providing you with energy solutions that keep our environment safe. Our Solar Co-Generation Solutions are geared toward providing you high performance heating, lighting and electricity.

Solar Co-Generation: Solar Energy That Make Sense

Cut down on both your heating and electricity bills through solar co-generation systems. These unique solar panel systems take up less square footage than standard panel systems and produce heat and power with one product.  By harnessing the massive energy of the sun, you can take advantage of nature’s free energy.  Our solar co-generation systems provide the greatest energy production of all solar products on the market today.

With our system, you can enjoy a cost efficient source of energy which translates to greater energy output for your needs. This is truly a remarkable source of energy that you can rely on. Our systems can either be grid-tied or charge batteries for electrical storage. In addition, it is a good source for heating your water and a great way to keep your facility warm.

With the growing concern and awareness regarding the green house effect, we offer you a way to join in the fight for a more Earth-friendly lifestyle. Reduce your fossil fuel use and decrease your CO2 output.

Harness the Sun’s Power Using the Latest Technology

The market is overwhelmed with solar power technology that is supposedly efficient and cost saving; however, it’s not all true. With the speed at which advancements are made, many are outdated.

Using the latest solar energy technology available in the market, we’ll devise a solution utilizing triple junction photovoltaic cells (PV cells) to maximize the energy available for your immediate use. In addition, the Fresnel parabolic concentrators in this solution assure that there is a high conversion rate of solar energy to electrical energy. This increased efficiency in conversion is needed to maximize the potential of solar energy. The conversion efficiency of this system towers above all other systems available in the market today.

It is time to take the steps to cut down on your expenses and realize the added benefit of protecting the environment.

Take advantage of Solar Co-Generation and start a greener future today.

We appreciate Delta Wye’s efforts in providing us continuous education and innovative approaches to achieve more energy efficient buildings.
– Sares-Regis Group

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