Increase Illumination Levels and Generate Significant Savings

Electricity costs can result in substantial energy bills. Delta Wye Electric, Inc. has the expertise you can rely on to install energy efficient lighting at almost any location, which can result in significant savings and increase illumination levels. We diligently work with your teams to arrange needed work and installations around your work schedules to avoid loss of productivity. Our prompt and knowledgeable electricians ensure quality installation with every completed job.

Lighting Retrofits: Savings Are Measurable and Verifiable

We offer a variety of lighting solutions to meet the specific needs of your facility types, whether it’s manufacturing, cold storage, utility or another type of commercial facility. Our electrical experts can readily install T-8 and T-5 high output fluorescent fixtures, Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, and induction lighting. If your facility currently utilizes metal halide fixtures and incandescent lamps, we recommend you consider upgrading to one of these options as they ensure the following benefits:

  • T-8 and T-5 Fixtures
    Produce a much higher quality of light rendering a greater spectrum of color; optimal for creating a well lit and safe working environment.
  • LED Technology
    Highly efficient and offers outstanding lighting longevity, virtually eliminating all costs associated lamp maintenance.
  • Induction Lighting
    Offers durability, increased effectiveness for harsh work environments and a fixture shape similar to that of an incandescent lamp; allows easy installation in a variety of facilities.

To help with the initial installation costs Southern California Edison, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and PG&E offer cash rebates for cost effective energy-efficient updates.

To learn how to improve lighting at your facility, call Delta Wye Electric, Inc.

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