We Understand the Importance of Power Monitoring to Your Business

As experienced electrical contractors, Delta Wye Electric, Inc. understands the importance of power quality and demand when it comes to your facility. With our calibrated power monitoring meters, our team of experts will efficiently and effectively screen your facility to assess your power quality and demand, and give you our best recommendations founded on over 29 years of experience.

Power Monitoring: Our Team of Experts Can Tend to Your Power Quality and Quantity Concerns

Power is important to every facility, no matter the industry, product or service. Since power traverses a number of electrical systems and connections, it’s important to assess how power is being utilized. Reliable and quality power thus should be the goal of every facility. Our team of experts can perform regular power monitoring checks, which involve comprehensive data collection and analysis via the use of meters. These meters have both cable and bus bar metering capabilities.

Our power quality studies will include a detailed written report, timeline graph and recommended solutions. Whatever readings, services and recommendations we provide you are maintained as part of our ongoing history of records in order to be able to track changes in power distribution at your facility.

As part of our suite of services, we also provide customized surveys which can aid in identifying grounding problems and issues relating to transients, power factor, voltage (RMS), current (RMS), voltage swells, and voltage sags.

If you have power monitoring concerns, give us a call to find out how we can best serve you.

When confronted with challenging situations the Delta Wye team always handled with tact and fairness.
– Barry Wehmiller Design Group

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